Hiring and building high caliber teams of professionals requires the assessment skills, expertise and knowledge of the recruiter, proactive involvement of the client and equally important, a detailed scientific process that addresses the variables that affect the final decision.

It is therefore critical that a carefully devised and appropriate search process is developed and duly followed. Prior to each new assignment, we develop - in consultation with our clients - a strategy that employs a combination of proven and time-tested research processes, search techniques and assessment methodologies.


  • Understanding and Analysis of Client’s Requirements
  • Understanding the Business and Corporate Culture
  • Appreciation of the Role and Expectations
  • Definition of Job Scope, Responsibilities and Requirements
  • Recommendation of Compensation & Benefits Strategy
  • Selection of Recruitment Strategy
  • Proprietary/Other Databases
  • Industry Sector Research
  • Network, Partners and Industry Consultants
  • Personal Referrals
Identification and Assessment
  • Initial Shortlist
  • Verification of Credentials
  • Personal, Telephonic and Video Interviews
  • Background Checks
  • Final Shortlist
  • Candidate Assessment Reports
  • Recommendation
  • Client Interviews
  • Formal Reference Checks
  • Development of the Offer
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Negotiations
Appointment and Joining
  • Appointment
  • Advisory Support
  • Logistics/Relocation Advice
  • Joining Joint Review